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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Blog Bits - Writing 2

All my life I've kept a diary. Until I'd been overseas three months and stopped. The great irony - when I finally had great material to write about, I was having too much fun to jot it down! If only blogging had been around in 1999...

One good thing that I did, however, was to write about 50 pages of detailed notes when I returned to Australia at the end of my first season touring Europe. These notes were written while the events were fresh in mind, and I added to them every time I told a new story to my friends and family about what I'd been up to. It took another 9 years until publication, but these precious notes cocooned my memories until I was ready to develop them -and they developed into my book Road Wench.

Writing tip: jot down notes at the time. A few words, a sentence, will do.
It's amazing what it'll help you recall - but beware, it is so easy to forget details and even entire stories over time that these jottings are essential.

Shannon Meadows

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