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Monday, August 29, 2011

Blog Bits - Travel

Top five places to revisit in Paris: Point Zero, Pierre Lechaise Cemetery, Sewer Tour, Buddha Bar, Sacre Couer steps...

1. Find the brass plaque for Point Zero out front of Notre Dame cathedral. Legend has it that if you step on it, you're destined to return to Paris. The ultimate travel insurance!

2. Pierre Lechaise Cemetery - Jim Morrison, Chopin, Oscar Wilde, all the cool cats are here. Just make sure you buy a map, it's money well spent.

3. Sewer Tour - for a different view of the city.

4. Buddha Bar - just to feel tres chic. Why the name? The enormous Buddha inside is the clue.

5. And for lovers...go sit and canoodle on the steps of Sacre Couer, thinking of the movie Amelie. Romance is in the air! (Be warned - at the base of the hill is the red light district...a different type of attraction is in the air there).

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