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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Blogging Bits

After receiving some helpful advice, I plan to take action -with more frequent blog posts. These will be in three categories - Travel, Writing, and Publishing. The latter will include my experiences with printers, distribution and marketing, including new bookstores.

My first brief blog bit is below (try saying that 3 times quickly).


Many people have asked me how I wrote Road Wench. I will answer that in this blog, but as a starting tip, I'd highly recommend the following books:

The Writer's Guide by Irina Dun
The Australian Writer's Marketplace by the Queensland Writer's Centre.

I read the first while grappling with a two thirds completed first draft, and found it had useful advice for the stage I was at as well as the stage I was heading for.

The QWC book has lists of publishers, editors, magazines and competitions, which helped me plan ahead for the next stage. You may notice this as a form of procrastination - why worry about publishing before finishing writing? However I found it gave me some mental space so when I returned to writing I had the end game in mind, and was more focused and motivated to write.

Shannon Meadows

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