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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The First Reviews...

Nicole Saturday evening 9 October (first to finish!)
"Just finished your book and thought it was a great read! A bit like Bill Bryson - makes you feel like you're there traveling - but funnier and more practical."

Marelda Sunday 10 October
"Your book is laugh out loud funny. I'm dog tired...but don't want to put it down!"

Daniel Tuesday evening 12 October
"I finished your book. I think it is excellent! A mix of humour and facts very much like Bill Bryson. Congratulations!"

Pam 25 October
"Enjoyed the was like a saucy Lonely Planet!"

Kelly 2 November
"Loved the book - what a fantastic read! It brought back so many memories of my time on the road. Definitely a must-read for all those who have worked for a travel company in Europe, or any wanna-be tour managers out there!"

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